• For single patient use only
  • May be re-used by the same patient
  • Wash before first use
  • Do not use if pack is open or damaged


  • Do not use a Muscle Stimulator if the following are pre-sent:
  • Implanted pacemaker – May affect correct operation of the device 
  • Pregnancy – Effect on foetal development is not known 
  • Bladder or vaginal infection, or recent surgical scar – Probe insertion may aggravate infection 
  • With a history of carcinoma at the site of stimulation – Laboratory tests show that electrical stimulation may enhance cell division 

Caution is advised 

  • On patients with altered or reduced tissue sensation – Excessive stimulation may cause tissue inflammation 
  • If the user has a history of epilepsy – Use of electrical stimulation may lower seizure threshold 
  •  If the user has a severe prolapse – Introduction of the probe, or muscle contraction, could damage the prolapsed tissue. 
  • Contains nickel: May cause irritation or allergic reaction following pro-longed contact 


The Liberty electrode is designed for single patient use. Before first use, and after each subsequent use, the unit should be cleaned as follows:

Wash electrode including cable in mild soapy water. Rinse thoroughly in clean water.

Dry the electrode with a clean cloth/paper towel and allow to air dry before returning to the plastic bag.

DO NOT immerse in liquid.

DO NOT use boiling water.


Clean thoroughly and dispose of according to local regu-lations

Technical Specifications: 

  • Material: Electrode body: GE Plastic MG47
  • Electrodes: Stainless steel#301
  • Cables: PVC over copper tinsel conductor
  • Weight: 20 gm
  • Length:73 mm (inserted part)
  • Width:28mm dia (widest point)
  • Connections: 2mm pins
  • Electrode surface area: 7.45cm2
  • “In Use” product lifetime :6 months

Instructions for Use 

1. Remove the electrode from packaging and clean as above.

2. Insert the lead in this pack into the probe.

3. Apply a thin coating of lubricat-ing gel such as TensCare Go Gel to the electrode and insert until the flange at the base of the electrode is sited between the labia.

4. Ensure that the muscle stimula-tor or EMG biofeedback equip-ment is turned off and connect the unit to the electrode via the connector ends.

5. Follow manufacturer’s instructions to operate the stimulator or biofeedback unit.

6. After use, turn off equipment. Disconnect the cable from the electrode and clean as above.


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