• Multi-frequency system and multi-frequency heads -1 and 3 MHz frequencies are available
  • Waterproof heads- suitable for subaqual therapy
  • Contain 2 heads for easy selection
  • Monitoring of contact quality of the treatment head and patient
  • Over temperature protection

The Basic Parameters

Frequency 1.0 MHz or 3.0 MHz
Duty cycle 10{dc4566470d53efb2e3d751d2af00c8207d081dd2be4e9f45221bd7cc36f54c02}-100{dc4566470d53efb2e3d751d2af00c8207d081dd2be4e9f45221bd7cc36f54c02}, Stepping 10{dc4566470d53efb2e3d751d2af00c8207d081dd2be4e9f45221bd7cc36f54c02}
Pulse frequency 100Hz
Output power 0.5W-10.0W, when duty factor≥80{dc4566470d53efb2e3d751d2af00c8207d081dd2be4e9f45221bd7cc36f54c02} for 5cm20.5W-15.0W, when duty factor≥70{dc4566470d53efb2e3d751d2af00c8207d081dd2be4e9f45221bd7cc36f54c02} for 5cm2

0.1W-2.0W, when duty factor≥80{dc4566470d53efb2e3d751d2af00c8207d081dd2be4e9f45221bd7cc36f54c02} for 1cm2

0.1W-3.0W, when duty factor≥70{dc4566470d53efb2e3d751d2af00c8207d081dd2be4e9f45221bd7cc36f54c02} for 1cm2

Maximum intensity 2.0 W/cm2 (100{dc4566470d53efb2e3d751d2af00c8207d081dd2be4e9f45221bd7cc36f54c02})3.0 W/cm(pulse mode)
ERA 1cm2 or 5cm2
RBN (Max) <8.0
Waterproof Grade IPX7 only for treatment head
Power supply 100V-240V,47Hz-63Hz,45W
Adapter output 15V, 3.0A max
Dimension 250x185x82mm (LxWxH)


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