–    Operating frequency: 27,12 MHz; pulse frequency 10-300 Hz; pulse duration: 200-600 µs
–    Induction field technique and condensor field technique
–    Pulsed and continuous energy output
–    HF power: 400 W (continuous mode)/1000 W (pulsed mode), infinitely variable
–    Matching- and effective power output indication for steady development of heat and toprevent overdosage
–    LCD Comfort Display for good visibility
–    Easy one-button operation
–    Extensive indications-index with treatment proposals
–    Individual program memories
–    Easily adjustable supporting arms for exact electrode placement

Smooth running castors for good mobility

Standard Accessories
Cable Holder:    2 cableholder
Ellectrode Supporting Arm:    2 electrodesupportingarm
HF Connection Cable:    2 htconeectioncable
Mains Cable:    1 thumb mainscable
Neon Indicator:    1 neonindicator
Operating Instructions:    1 thumb operatinginstructions
Plate Electrode:    2plateelectrode165
Additional Accessories

Diplode Incl. Connection Cable:     diplodeincl.connectioncable
Elastic Rubber Strap:   elasticrubberstrap
Flexible Rubber Electrode 18 x 12cm:     flexiblerubbercapacitorelectrode18x12
Flexible Rubber Electrode 25 x 14.5cm:     thumb flexiblerubbercapacitorelectrode25x14.5
Monode Incl. Connecting Cable:     monodeincl.connectingcable
Plate Electrode 12cm:     plateelectrode12
Plate Electrode 8cm:     plateelectrode8


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