Dysmenorrhoea (Period Pain) affects 40-90% of women. Many women find their lives disrupted by the level and intensity of pain they endure.  Often keeping them off from work or school. Secondary menstrual pain is further caused by conditions such as endometriosis, fibroids or pelvic inflammatory disease.

The Ova Plus Period Pain Reliever unit applies a minute electric current through the placement of two electrode patches on the lower abdomen, thus enabling muscles in the uterine area to relax.

You would be able to maintain an active lifestyle while wearing this discreet unit under your clothing, which will provide you with continuous, drug-free menstrual pain relief.

Ova Plus Period Pain Reliever

Clinically Proven Trials:

  • Indicate TENS (Transcutaneous Electrical Nerve Stimulation) reduces cramping caused by reduced blood flow to muscles.
  • Have identified that TENS is effective in treating period pain.
  • Trial results indicate that there were no side effects, in contrast to those one would experience with use of analgesic pain relief (nausea and drowsiness.

Endometriosis Pain Relief:

  • Endometriosis treatment usually makes use of non-steroidal, anti-inflammatory drugs or the oral contraceptive pill, which work by reducing activity of uterine muscles.
  • The Ova Plus uses TENS which works by altering the body’s reception and perception of pain signals.
  • Endometriosis sufferers state that with Ova Plus life is more bearable as it takes the edge off the pain.

Long-life Rechargeable Battery

  • With the long-life, rechargeable battery, rechargeable via USB, the Ova Plus is convenient to use and recharge.

Ova Plus Tech Specs small

Before you decide to purchase the Ova Plus, PLEASE do CONSULT YOUR MEDICAL PRACTITIONER.

Do Not Use TENS:

  • Should you have a pacemaker or heart rhythm problems.
  • Tens used in the direct vicinity of a pacemaker may affect settings on some pacemaker models.
  • Applying a Tens unit on the front of your neck can affect your heart rate.
  • An extra heartbeat may be caused if the Tens unit is used on a strong setting across the chest.
  • If you have Epilepsy
    • Seizure threshold may be affected if you have epilepsy.
  • During Gestation (Pregnancy)
  • First trimester of gestation (Pregnancy)
    There are no test results to indicate what the effect would be on a foetus
  • Second and Third trimesters of gestation (Pregnancy)
    Immediately cease use if unexpected contractions occur.
  • Driving, operating machinery, or similar actions needing fine control
  • Damaged or loose leads and pads, as well as improper contact with the skin (Caused by movement of the body) may result in brief involuntary muscle movements (Contraction of muscle)
  • Undiagnosed pain
  • Should you be experiencing pain of an unknown cause, use of a Tens unit, may delay diagnosis of a serious or progressive condition.


  • TENS used simultaneously with monitoring equipment connected to the body with body worn electrode pads.
  • May result in interference with signals being monitored.
  • Use of the TENS unit near strong electromagnetic fields is not advised. (E.g. electro surgery / microwave cookers / mobile phones).
  • Doing so could result in the unit malfunctioning.
  • Should the unit appear to be operating incorrectly, move away from the source of the electromagnetic field
  • Use with caution after recent surgical procedures.
  • Stimulation may interfere with the healing process.

 Do Not place electrode pads:

  • On broken skin
    • The pads could encourage infection.
  • On skin which does not have normal sensation
    • If the skin is numb, too great a strength may be used, which could result in skin inflammation.
  • On the front of the neck
    • The airway could close resulting breathing problems.
    • May cause a vasovagal response (sudden drop in blood pressure)
  • Over the eyes
    • Eyesight could be affected or bring about headaches.
  • Across the front of the head
    • Effect on stroke or epileptic patients or people who have had seizures is not yet known
    • May affect sense of balance.
  • The effects of stimulation of the brain are unknown.
  • Near malignant tumours
  • In vitro experiments have shown that electricity can promote cell growth.

Do Not:

  • Ignore allergic reactions to electrode pads
  • If a skin irritation develops refrain from using a TENS unit
  • We have alternative pads available for sensitive skin
  • Pads supplied have no measurable latex content.

You will void your guarantee / warranty if:

  • You Immerse your TENS unit in water
  • If you place the unit close to excessive heat (which may cause the unit to malfunction)
  • You attempt to open up the TENS unit.
  • Old, new or different types of batteries are mixed.
  • You do not use leads, electrodes, and accessories as recommended by the manufacturer.

(Performance may vary from specification and will invalidate the product warranty.)


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