Main product features of O-Wave as follow: 

1. The human engineering design provides setting and operates conveniently;

2. 7 inches color crystal Chinese and English touch screen design, intuitive and clear;

3. Import power source, to ensure instant shock output effect;

4. Surge pressure and frequency selection, conform to treatment demand;

5. The ultra-silence air compressor is built-in accessories collection box;

6. Single or dual output is optional, and provides a various professional probe;

7. There are 7 adjustable preset reference solutions;

8. Adopt a portable designO-wave 1 generates a special form of shockwave with a relatively heavy projectile and a comparatively low impact speed—the O-wave 1 softshot shockwave.

The energy is primarily generated by the volume of the pulse and not by the high amplitude and the extremely short rise characteristic of comparable compressed-air devices.

This requires that the shockwaves with rise times of approx. 3.5 μs and the typical energy settings also generated by compressed-air devices pass through the tissue without any change in the form of the wave, because the stress is within the moment of inertia and the module of elasticity of the tissue.

Different from focused shockwaves, which have rise times less than 100 ns and which results in a desired gradation of the wave in the tissue causing cavitation and tissue destruction, with radial shockwaves it is not the exponential effect but simply the amount of energy that triggers the reactive processes.

The slower rise of the wave (approx. 13.5 μs) and the significantly lower peak amplitude mean that O-wave 1 does not generate the typical whiplash effect of the shockwave, make it easier for the patient to tolerate.

Technical Data 


Free radial shockwave therapy-system with electromagnetic generator as projectile accelerator

Energy consumed 

60~185millijoules (1-5bars)

Work pattern 

4 continuous capture modes(shots /4/8/12 pulses)

Working frequency 

1~16hz continuously adjustable frequency

Reference operating version 

7 preset operation versions, can be adjustable

Suggestion for treatment parts 

Exceeds 25 preset treatment suggestion

Control function 

All function implemented by touching operation; rotary knob controls energy and frequency; multi-directional foot switch coordinates with therapeutic handle operation.

Product boundary dimension 


Product weight 

2.07kg (do not contain therapeutic handle and foot switch) The description of therapeutic handle/therapeutic head to shock wave The therapeutic handle design conforms to human engineering, combines anodized aluminium shell with fan cooling, produces electromagnetic force drive projectile working by means of coil electrical over.

The boundary dimension is 23cm, diameter is 5cm (the maximum); the minimum service life of therapeutic handle is 1,500,000 times (the calculation according to a number of strokes); only need to do some daily maintenance and nursing for appearance, it is recommended to use cleaning with medicinal alcohol;

The therapeutic head divided into 3 specifications:

6/15/25mm (diameter); the minimum service life of each therapeutic head is 150,000 times (the calculation according to a number of strokes).

Power consumption 

100/240VAC 50/60 Hz, 300VA

The fuse (wire fuse) specification 


The requirement of therapeutic head temperature 

The external temperature of therapeutic head of the O-wave I is not greater than 48.

Electrical safety classification 

Type BF applied parts

Work environment 

20 °C to 32 °C / 700 hPa to 1060 hPa / 25{dc4566470d53efb2e3d751d2af00c8207d081dd2be4e9f45221bd7cc36f54c02} – 75{dc4566470d53efb2e3d751d2af00c8207d081dd2be4e9f45221bd7cc36f54c02} humidity, not condensing

Storage/Transport environment 

0 °C to +40 °C / 700 hPa to 1060 hPa / 10{dc4566470d53efb2e3d751d2af00c8207d081dd2be4e9f45221bd7cc36f54c02} – 93{dc4566470d53efb2e3d751d2af00c8207d081dd2be4e9f45221bd7cc36f54c02} humidity, not condensing


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