Indications, contraindications, side effects and further information are presented during our system training. Kimatur is a microprocessor-controlled unit. The number of shots, the pressure and the frequency are all carefully controlled by a complex electronic structure. The system was developed using the latest technical and clinical knowledge.

Technical Specifications

  • Action Head: Radial
  • Dimensions: 50×102, 7×46 cm
  • Control via touch screen graphics technology 12,1”, resolution 600×800 pixels
  • Patient database with expandable memory
  • Encyclopedia treatments dictionary pathologies, anatomical illustrations and photographic guide to treatment
  • Set frequency: 1-22 Hz
  • Setting pressure: 1-5 Bar
  • Maximum positive pressure: 28 MPa
  • Energy density: 0.68 mJ / mm
  • Number of shock therapy: 0-9.999 shocks
  • It has two independent outputs allowing connection of two applicators
  • Includes 4 sets of change heads.

Includes the following heads

  • Kimatur Applicator SM, ø 12 mm – metal
  • Kimatur Applicator MM, ø 14 mm – metal
  • Kimatur Applicator MT, ø 14 mm – metal
  • Kimatur Applicator XL, ø 28 mm – plastic

Standard Accesories

  • – Handpiece with hose connection
  • – Power Cable
  • – User Manual
  • – Contact GeL


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