Test and Target
Neuromuscular testing with isoforce generates comprehensive reports that are easy to read and interpret. With the wide variety of the available modes you can evaluate many parameters such as power, endurance, work or even the level of spasticity. Isoforce helps you set specific and realistic rehabilitation or training goals and record the progress.

Heal and Improve
Give back motion, coordinate, stretch, strengthen, empower, build endurance. The different exercise modes make the system suitable for every stage of the rehabilitation procedure. No matter which type of muscle contraction (concentric/eccentric) or exercise mode (isometric, isotonic, isokinetic, cpm) you regard as the most efficient one,
isoforce offers you the possibility to implement it.

strong> Retest and Prevent
After but also during your training or rehabilitation program you can watch the progress achieved. Most importantly, you can retest your athlete during the sports seasons to give training directions and avoid injuries.

Focused diversity
The therapy and training possibilities of isoforce can be used by a wide variety of professional involved in sport, rehabilitation, research and education. It can be a valuable tool for rehabilitation and physiotherapy clinics, sport leagues and fitness centers, research institutes and universities.

Resistance modes isokinetic

· concentric/concentric
· concentric/eccentric
· eccentric/eccentric
· eccentric/concentric
· continuous passive motion
· isometric
· isotonic

Joint movements

– extension / flexion (sitting)
– extension / flexion (supine)
– tibia internal / external rotation

– plantar / dorsiflexion
– inversion / eversion

– extension / flexion
– adduction / abduction
– internal / external rotation

– extension / flexion
– radial / ulnar deviation

– pronation / supination
– extension / flexion

– adduction / abduction
– extension / flexion
– adduction / abduction horizontal
– external / intern rotation
(different positioning possible)

Technical Specifications
ROM: up to 360 degrees
Max. Torque: 500 Nm
Angular Velocity: 0,5 – 360ï/s
Dynamometer Type: Servo motor

Functional Features
Dynamometer: Electrical Lifting, Tilting, Rotation
Seat: Horizontal electrical movement, Forward and Backward sliding, Inclination of the back seat, Upwards and downwards

Operating System: Windows
CPU: Intel® Pentium® Dual-Core E2200, 2.20GHz
HD: 160 GB
Monitor: Touch screen LCD22” wide
Graphics Card: GeForce min. 512MB
UPS: Optional
Power Supply: 230/115 V, 50/60 Hz
Dimensions: 2000 / 700 / 1700 mm (l / b / h)
Dimensions (seat horizontal): 2600 / 700 / 800 (l / b / h)


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