By making use of Ice Compression Technology, the Hyperice Shoulder, is designed to treat and/or prevent shoulder pain and inflammation from strains/sprains, rotator cuff tendonitis or injury, shoulder impingement, SLAP tear, or shoulder arthritis.

The Hyperice Shoulder is an easy-to-use, portable, two-part cryotherapy device. By combining a plush neoprene wrap and ice cell with a patented air-release valve, the Hyperice Shoulder is able to mould the ice over the front of your shoulder and collar bone area to form an optimal “ice cast”. The device is available for either the Right or Left Shoulder. Extended Shoulder devices also available. Each Sold separately.

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The Technical Specifications for the Hyperice Shoulder


Technical Specifications for Hyperice Shoulder

Technical Specifications for the Compression Wrap:

  • 3mm Premium grade compression neoprene with plush finish
  • Non-restrictive design allows for greater range of motion and mobility while icing
  • Provides optimal compression while maintaining a comfortable fit
  • Machine Washable


Technical Specification for the Patented Air-Release Valve Ice Cell

Technical Specification for the Patented Air-Release Valve Ice Cell:

  • Push-button air-release valve enables maximum compression
  • Ultra-thin, durable cell “skin” rapidly penetrates ice temperature to targeted area
  • Flexible Ice Cell conforms to the body’s contours for maximum coverage
  • Antimicrobial cell “skin” prevents the growth of microbes (bacteria, fungi)
  • Wide mouth opening makes it easy to load ice
  • Anti-leak seal
  • Flange collar design locks ice cell into place for stability
  • 8″ X 8″ icing surface area

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Hyperice Shoulder Left Black, Hyperice Shoulder Right Black, Hyperice Extended Shoulder Left Black, Hyperice Extended Shoulder Right Black

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