Today with its new aesthetics you may proudly display your ice maker. At the same time, the reduced dimensions allow you to place it under the counter or wherever you prefer, with the utmost freedom even with water drain constraints. Daily production and storage capacity have been optimized in relation to overall dimensions, while innovative features create and allow the maintenance of the highest food safety standards.

• Ice Output: 70kg per 24hours

• Ice Type: Flake Ice

• Storage Bin Capacity: 25kg

• Power Consumption: 7.5 kWh

• Drainage Required: At floor level

• Watt & Fuse Rating: 330W 10A

• Voltage: 220V (Single Phase)

• Dimensions (WxHxD): 535 x 813/9332 x 626mm

• Weight: 50kg

Various sizes available upon request


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