Exand is a system which is capable of offering a range of settings and emissions, for flexible and efficient therapy. Thanks to interactive software and a colour touch-screen it is even easier to set up the therapy. Today Exand has evolved with an exclusive patented threewavelength Triax system: this innovative system allows the characteristics of three different energy sources to be modulated in a single device, making the therapy more flexible and able to adjust to the pathological state of the patient.

Technical specifications

Technology   Mectronic’s own MecOS
Real-Time Operating System
 Wavelenght* 1064 nm810 nm + 980 nm+1064 nm
 Guide Light  650 nm – 3 mW
 Laser power*  Up to 30 W
 Emission Continuous (CW), Pulsed, Super-pulsed,
and E2C (patented stochastic mode)
 Operation mode  Manual, Single Pulse, Burst and Custom mode
 Special modes  Joule mode, Timer mode, Trigger Point mode
 Effect Mode  5 specific emission modes to maximise the 5
main effects of laser therapy: Bio-stimulant,
Analgesic, Anti-inflammatory, Anti-edema, and
Tension Relief.
 Pathologies Over 60 pathologies with interactive
illustrations and protocols sub-divided by phase
 Calibration Normativa Graphic and acoustic control system
for laser emission at handpiece exit in accordance
with norm. CEI EN 60825-1
 Display  ”Colour TFT 5.7” Touch – screen
Supply   100÷240V 50÷60Hz
 Absorption  160 VA
 Dimensions 600 x 350 x 400 mm
 Weight  18 kg
 Laser Class  IV
 Conformity  IEC/EC 60601-1 60601-1-2
 Certification  CE0068
 Directive 93/42  Classification llb


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