EasyAngle is a new, modern and innovative instrument that provides accurate measurements of joint range of motion. This device replaces the three traditional instruments used namely the goniometer, inclinometer and CROM-device. With EasyAngle, you can manage all measurements easier and faster by using one instrument in your one hand, while supporting the patient with the other.

This Swedish innovation has proven to be of great help for physiotherapists and patients. Many physiotherapists find it a challenge to motivate their patients to keep doing rehabilitation training, especially when pain has begun to decrease in order to avoid recurring problems. EasyAngle also facilitates documentation as it makes it easy to save measurements as the digital display helps communication with the patient making them more involved in their own treatment.


  • Can be used to measure all joins of the body.
  • Measures quickly, easily and accurately.
  • Replaces the traditional goniometer, inclinometer and CROM-device.
  • Has an easy-to-read display and saves the last five measurements.
  • Can be used with only one hand, leaving one hand free to support the patient.

Product advantages

  • Motivating the patient– You can measure status and progress in small steps due to the device’s high accuracy. Measured angles can easily be communicated and used to motivate patients to follow established rehabilitation programs.
  • Efficient – Measurement can be done quick and with one hand, making it possible to support the patient with the other hand.
  • All-in-one – Can be used for measurement of all joints, replacing other devices such as the goniometer, inclinometer and CROM device.
  • Accurate – High precision sensor and initial studies show high reliability and validity.
  • Easy to use – Measurement is done with three quick clicks and only one alignment needs to be done at a time. EasyAngle does not have to be placed in the center of rotation enabling use of other anatomical landmarks.
  • User friendly – Ergonomic design and a clear display where the last five measurements are saved.

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