• 2-channel electrotherapy, an advanced electrotherapy unit with 2 outputs for
  • Simultaneous treatment of two patients and for application of 4-pole interference
  • Full range of low and medium frequency waveforms and their medications
  • +/-Easy change of electrode polarity
  • Constant Current and Constant Voltage modes -CC/CV
  • Combination with ultrasound device (Sonic-Stimu Basic UT1021)
  • Connection to the vacuum unit (VA-Stim Pro VA1021)

The Basic Parameters

Channel 4 channels
Pulse rate Carrier frequency for IFC: 2 KHz~10 KHz,Beat frequency for IFC: 1Hz~200Hz

Carrier frequency for Russian: 2.5 KHz,

Beat frequency for Russian: 20Hz~100Hz

For TENS and EMS mode: 0Hz~250Hz

Intensity 0~100mA (CC)/0~100V (CV) for IFC, TENS, Russian, NMS/NMS Burst0~1000uA for Micro current

0~70mA for Diadymanic

0~30mA for Galvanic Continuous/Interrupted

Power supply 100V-240V, 47Hz-63Hz,45W
Dimension 250x185x82mm (LxWxH)
Adapter output 15V, 3.0A max


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