DEEP OSCILLATION® Personal SPORTS was designed for individual, mobile use. Battery operation and a handy size guarantee flexible use, both on the road and at home. A generous graphic display, together with the single button operation, guarantee very easy program selection and a good overview.

The SPORTS therapy card provides pre-programmed treatments for all relevant applications in aesthetic medicine as well as informative therapy notes and graphics for treatment.

Individual therapy parameters pre-programmed with DEEP OSCILLATION® Evident can be called up with DEEP OSCILLATION® Personal. This enables individualized, mobile therapy on the ward using DEEP OSCILLATION® Personal. The patient can also continue treatment according to your specifications while treating themselves at home. This way you can guarantee the sustainability of your treatments until the next appointment in the clinic or treatment room.


What is the price of the unit?

Prices for units are obtained on request to Physio & Wellness email sales@physioww.co.za or a quote request from www.physioww.co.za

What choices of unit are available?

Personal units come in a choice of Sports, Aesthetics or postpartum versions (list of conditions on request). You can read about each unit in products on www.physioww.co.za.  Additionally, Physio & Wellness will also supply a free of charge hands on kit in addition to the two sets of applicators for self-treatment. This kit enables gloved hands massage from another person, but only when training has been provided by the therapist. It is important to remember that the contraindications apply to sufferer and the person applying when the gloved hands on method is used.
How is the unit supplied?

The unit is supplied with the following:

  • Sports, Aesthetic or Postpartum card
  • Deep Oscillation Unit
  • Two hand applicators
  • Two 5cm applicator heads
  • Two 10cm applicator heads
  • Mains, car and external charger
  • Hand held Titanium conductor
  • Set of four electrodes
  • Box of vinyl powder free gloves
  • Two sets of rechargeable batteries

What are the contraindications for DEEP OSCILLATION®?
All normal massage contraindications: acute infections, TB, Untreated malignant diseases, Cellulitis, infectious skin diseases, pacemakers or other electronic implants, untreated heart diseases, pregnancy.

I have implanted pins/plates; can I still have the treatment?

Yes you can, the therapy does not heat tissue, making it perfectly safe to work over implanted pins and plates.

Am I going to be ‘electrically charged up’ during treatment?

No, the patented circuitry means a circuit is never completed. Imagine drawing 95{dc4566470d53efb2e3d751d2af00c8207d081dd2be4e9f45221bd7cc36f54c02} of a circle and then stopping, then re-starting, during the break in the drawing, the charge is safely dislodged via a patented internal active discharge device within the machine.

What’s the bar I am holding made of and why do I need to hold it?

The bar is made of high quality titanium and is held in one hand, or popped between the toes, whilst circulating the applicator with the other hand in the correct direction of flow, this set up is required for the therapy to work. Alternatively, two applicators can be connected into the unit to work either side of an effected lower limb or an applicator on each leg.

I felt a little tingle in my hand when holding the bar, is that normal?

Sometimes you can feel a tingle but it’s really not harmful, however, turning down the intensity does reduce the tingle but doesn’t reduce the effectiveness of the treatment.

Why do I use talcum powder with therapy?

DEEP OSCILLATION® requires an absolute dry surface in the area to be treated. A light dusting of talc ensures the area is dry and helps the applicator glide over the area, you should see a pattern in the talc showing the effect of the surface of what DEEP OSCILLATION® is doing in the deeper tissue layers.

Is it special powder?

It is a baby powder and is registered on the FDA database without ever having had any safety recalls. It is exclusively produced from elected ingredients, which are subject to strict purity controls comparable with the medical and pharmaceutical control system. Talc free alternatives can be used if the use of normal talc causes concern.

Does the therapy stop if I have a hot flush?

Yes because your core body temperature has raised and the body needs to be at a normal temperature, but please don’t worry, after a few minutes, when it has passed, just try again.

What happens during a treatment?

Electrostatic pulses create pleasant, deeply effective oscillations in the skin, connective tissue, subcutaneous fatty tissue, muscles, and blood and lymph vessels down to a depth of 8 cm.

Do I feel anything during treatment with DEEP OSCILLATION®?

You will feel a pleasant, relaxing, vibration (oscillation) deep down inside the muscle tissues.

Does it matter if my mobile phone is in my pocket when I have treatment?

No, it will not effect the treatment or your phone. But it may be an opportunity to put your phone to one side and relax.

Does it matter if I am wearing jewelry?

No, it is perfectly fine. The therapy does not heat tissue. It has an a-thermal effect.

How can I protect the membrane head from wear and tear and prolong the life of membranes?

Cover the head with cling film and wrap/twist around hand base, this keeps the head sterile between treatments, the exterior rubber in place and protects the membrane, it also slightly increases the therapy effect.

What is DEEP OSCILLATION® doing to me during treatment?

In higher frequencies – Pain is significantly reduced. The bodies’ lymphatic drainage pathways are opened and activated. The therapy is breaking down the trapped cellular metabolic waste, including protein solids and abnormal fluid build up. This encourages the dispersal of hardened, fibrotic tissue.

In medium frequencies – Microcirculation in the interstitial spaces of the connective tissue is boosted, causing a relaxation of the tissues. The now collected, biological waste products start to move out to the lymph system for removal.

In lower frequencies -Vasodilation (expansion of blood vessels) causes a slight lowering of blood pressure. A powerful, yet gentle, pumping action in these lower frequencies causes strong movement in the tissue. The re-instigation of freely flowing fluids encourages essential nutrients back to the tissue.

What are the clinically proven effects?

• Improvement of the body’s natural ability to replenish its depleted supplies of nutrients

• Muscle relaxation

• Pain reduction

• Hematoma (Blood filled swelling/bruising) and micro trauma prophylaxis

• Edema reduction (fluid/protein filled swelling)

• Improvement in tone (through muscle stimulation and relaxation)

• Inflammation inhibition

• Stimulates wound healing

• Movement facilitation

• Anti-inflammatory effect

• Anti-fibrotic effect

• Reduction of skin irritation

• Detoxification

• Improvement in the tissue quality

Why is this different to other electrotherapy products?

The therapy is intermittent, that is part of its patent. It is not a traditional electrical stimulation device (i.e. Tens), as a circuit is not completed. Neither does it produce heat (like in the thermal setting of Ultrasound).

What is the intensity button (dosage) on the DEEP OSCILLATION PERSONAL? Does more intensity mean better treatment?

No, effective therapy can be performed at minimal intensity. The therapist will start with the intensity turned up to 80/90 {dc4566470d53efb2e3d751d2af00c8207d081dd2be4e9f45221bd7cc36f54c02} and will adjust as necessary. It is adjusted to find the appropriate pressure of massage.

What if I stopped moving the applicator?

The therapy will stop, the therapy must be performed with movement, if the movement stops the therapy stops, it starts again as movement recommences.

Does DEEP OSCILLATION® have any known side effects?

The therapy has no known side effects and does not conflict with any medication. It is perfectly suited as supporting therapy during treatment with medication as well as physical treatment and physiotherapy. Patients may notice an increase in urinary output.

I’d like to know how DEEP OSCILLATION® helps reduce inflammation?

DEEP OSCILLATION® therapy stems acute and chronic inflammation, by limiting inflammatory cell movement to the affected area. This is achieved by reducing the release of inflammation mediators and reducing fluid and protein loss from the blood and lymph vessels.


The Physio and Wellness Team


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