With the control module PM-1 or PM-2 and a wide range of adapters which are needed for the scheduled tasks, the CON-TREX MJ multijoint module is a versatile, rotatory testing, training and therapeutic system to test and train all major joints of the upper and lower limbs in the open kinetic chain.

The highly flexible mechanism with excellent operator guidance makes objective and reproducible test results possible in every work mode. The mechanical design of the CON-TREX MJ is extremely user-friendly: the patient’s seat and backrest can be electronically adjusted at the touch of a button.

Airex cushions offer a maximum of comfortable seating even during long training sessions, feature anti-slip properties and are easy to clean. The CON-TREX MJ can also be delivered with classic upholstered seats and backrests, according to choice.

Training while sitting or standing, measurements in the prone or supine position: CON-TREX MJ offers maximum flexibility in every case. It enables the analysis of both the static and dynamic strength of a joint and the resulting targeted functional musclestrength training and improvement to skills of coordination with possible monitoring and correction during training or therapy. Depending on the direction of motion, the following muscular load types exist in dynamic modes: concentric/concentric, concentric/ eccentric, eccentric/concentric and eccentric/eccentric.

Unique to CON-TREX are the combined load types: con/CPM, CPM/con, CPM/ecc and ecc/CPM.


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