This unit is the expansion of ComboRehab2, providing additional 2 channels vacuum therapy. The vacuum module can be easy installed to the comboRehab2 unit. Vacuum cup is a special kind of electrode and the vacuum therapy bring the patient comfortable experience with pulsating and sucking feel, which could continuously improve the blood circulation and tissues conductivity beneath the cup.


  • 2 independent channels with 4 connections
  • Continuous or pulsed vacuum therapy
  • one-touch operation for treatment
  • control knob with light indicator
  • Tabletop or optional cart/trolley configuration
  • 1 & 3 MHz ultrasound frequency
  • Pulsed & continuous modes
  • Ergonomically designed sound heads in variety of sizes
  • Waterproof factor of ultrasound head
  • High voltage and micro current therapy
  • Suitable for combination therapy
  • constant current and constant voltage modes
  • Excellent experience and effect of treatment
  • A complete range of clinical waveforms
  • Full range of therapy programs
  • Over 80 customer programs
  • All treatment modes are settable
  • Patient initiative interrupt switch
  • Elite design for easy carry
  • Exquisite workmanship
  • Light and high quality
  • Smart touch screen
  • 5” LCD screen with high speed response
  • Displays in sharp, vivid detail
  • 2 year warranty (Main unit)
The Basic Parameters
Main power: AC 100-240V, 47-63Hz
Weight: 2kg
Dimensions: 258 x 197 x 153mm
Electrical safety class: Class I, Type BF
Safety tests: IEC 60601-1, IEC 60601-2-5, IEC 60601-2-10


Independent Channels: 2
Preset program: 62
Max. Intensity of IF: 100 mA
Max. Intensity of TENS, Russian, NMS: 200 mA
Max. Intensity of Faradic, Galvanic: 80 mA
Max. Intensity of Diadynamic: 70 mA
Max. Voltage: 500V

Ultrasound Therapy

Frequency: 1 MHz, 3 MHz
Max. Intensity: 3 W/cm2
Pulse Frequency: 16 Hz, 48Hz, 100Hz
Duty Factor: 10-90{dc4566470d53efb2e3d751d2af00c8207d081dd2be4e9f45221bd7cc36f54c02}, stepping 10{dc4566470d53efb2e3d751d2af00c8207d081dd2be4e9f45221bd7cc36f54c02}
ERA 1 cm2, 5 cm2
BNR < 5.0

Vacuum therapy

Pulse frequency: 1, 2, 3
Vacuum channels: 2
Max. vacuum pressure: 500 Mbar
Mains supply: AC 100-240V
Dimensions: 244(L)x198(W)x90(H) mm


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